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WuDang Martial Arts Centers are dedicated to the health and welfare of our communities. We believe that a strong community is made up of strong, confident individuals and healthy families. We are committed to the idea that the true measure of an individual is not just a strong body but an indomitable spirit as well this is why we provide a healthy environment for the spiritual growth of our students.

"We practice and teach ‘peace-time martial arts’. What this is, is a study of efficient of movement, internal principles and combative techniques with a focus upon integration of body and mind into one unified whole. Through a study of the nature of martial technique a person learns how to unify Ming (health and life) and Xing (inner nature) whilst working through the various layers of distortion which lead to inner feelings of low self-esteem, insecurity and frustration. In short they tackle many of the things which prevent a person from reaching a state of personal peace. Alongside this, students learn how to defend themselves from an aggressor, as ultimately one of the worst things for your spiritual development is to be violently dominated by another. What we do not study, however, is the conscious-less taking of human life through violent technique. We live in times of relative peace and therefore the focus should be upon the most likely and common opponents within our life, inner turmoil and physical illness. Few of us will be killed by a violent assailant but many of us will die early from heart disease or a similar ailment. The path of the spiritual warrior is a path of discomfort, inner questioning and arduous repetition, but it is a solid and long-established way to reach a state of personal elevation." - Damo Mitchell

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Authentic Chinese Martial Arts

  • Practical Self Defense
  • Stress Management
  • Improved Health & Fitness
  • Improved Focus
  • Spiritual Cultivation
  • Northern Shaolin
  • Northern Praying Mantis
  • Northern Long Fist
  • Mizongluohan Fist
  • Bajiquan
  • Piguazhang
  • Yang Taijiquan
  • YinFu Baguazhang
  • Hebei XingYi
  • 12 Animal Styles
  • 52 Traditional Weapons
  • Shaolin QinNa
  • WuDang Sword training
  • Iron Palm training
  • QiGong
  • Yi Jing Jin