Heaven Man Earth Taiji International is a full-time internal martial arts conservatory in Phuket, Thailand, with affiliate schools all over the world.

Shifu Adam Mizner has a solid and fast growing reputation as a luminary in internal practices, and is well respected by his peers for his comprehensive devotion to the arts and his admirable character, with a steady influx of private students flying in from around the world throughout the year.

HME has bi-annual retreats at Shifu Mizner’s Sala Suddhavasa, and seasonal teaching tours world wide.

For full access to Shifu Mizner’s taiji training curriculum: www.discovertaiji.com

WuDang Martial Arts is proud to be an official affiliate school of Heaven Man Earth Taiji International.

Other Affiliate Schools

Everyday T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Shifu Jim Bayer
T’ai Chi Ch’uan Center of Milwaukee, Shifu Michael Milewski
Heaven Man Earth Melbourne, Australia, Shifu Paul McIntyre
Heaven Man Earth Mexico, Mexico City, Shifu Curtis Brough
Heaven Man Earth Miami, Florida, Oliver Pfeffer