4 Word Secret Formula

四字秘訣 武禹襄

by Wu Yu Xiang - Translation Steffan de Graffenried


To Spread (Fu) - Utilize the Qi in your body, spread it over the opponent's Jin so that he cannot move.


To Cover (Gai) - Utilize Qi to cover the point of the opponent's incoming attack.


To Confront (Dui) - Utilize Qi to match [the opponent's Li] precisely.


To Swallow (Tun) - Utilize Qi to swallow and neutralize [the opponent's Jin] completely.

These four words are formless and soundless. Only when one understands Jin and can he achieve a high level and know the meaning of what has been said concerning Qi. Only when one cultivates his Qi properly so that it disperses to the four limbs will he be able to respond to the soundlessness and formlessness of these four words.