Yang Shao Hou

Yang Shao Hou was born as Yang Zhao Xiong in 1862 and died in 1930. He was also named Meng Xiang, and later called Shao Hou, most just called him “Mr. Big”. From the age of seven he studied with his grandfather Yang Lu Chan, his father Yang Jien Hou and his uncle Yang Ban Read more about Yang Shao Hou[…]

Four Word Secret Formula (四字秘訣 武禹襄)

by Wu Yu Xiang – Translation Steffan de Graffenried 敷 覆者,运气于己身,敷布彼劲之上,使不得动也。 To Spread (Fu) – Utilize the Qi in your body, spread it over the opponent’s Jin so that he cannot move. 蓋 盖者,以气盖彼来处也。 To Cover (Gai) – Utilize Qi to cover the point of the opponent’s incoming attack. 對 对者,以气对彼来处,认定准头而去也。 To Confront (Dui) – Read more about Four Word Secret Formula (四字秘訣 武禹襄)[…]

Treatise on Taijiquan

by Wang Zongyue (王宗岳) Taiji [The Grand Terminus] comes from Wuji [Formless Void] and is the mother of yin and yang. In motion Taiji separates; in stillness yin and yang unite and return to Wuji. It is not excessive or deficient; it follows a bending and adheres to an extension. When the opponent is hard Read more about Treatise on Taijiquan[…]